Jonathan Duhamel WSOP Champion

Jonathan Duhamel

Life has changed forever for Jonathan Duhamel on November 2010. Jonathan is from Boucherville, Quebec, and the picture above shows the Saint Lawrence River on the shore of which lays Jonathan's hometown. This is a peaceful community and there are no celebrities living there, that is to say except Jonathan who became the spotlight of headlines all over the world when he won the wsop main event in November 2010. The 23 years old met his fate on the day of his victory and he will not have to work one more day of his life. The first prize for his title came with a nice check of $8,944,310. Of course Jonathan Duhamel will continue to work if we can call his activity work, as he is one a the few priviledged people who not only call work what is their life passion, but also their passion is a game. Therefore working is just playing to him, and why would he stopped what he loves doing, in other words playing texas holdem. Like his predecessor the previous year Joe Cada, Jonathan is a young school drop out who decided to pursue a carreer in professional poker instead of completing his undergraduate education. As he admits it himself this is not the path he recommends to his fans who consider trying the same daring move. Because after all there is only one winner each year among the 7,319 contestants (for 2010) and hundreds if not thousands of young players go broke each year. Jonathan reckons that luck was on his side, as his tournament stack was quite short at some point but he was not eliminated and managed to steadily increase it until he won the event. Some are consistently broke, living from loans from friends and from the infrequent windfall from placing well at a tournament. Yes behind the glamor of winning big tournaments like the wsop main event and all the perks that come with it, such as a sponsorship deal at pokerstars and an invitation to sit on the television with David Letterman, there is also the less glamourous aspect of the games. Most players are losing players and it can take both a financial and mental strain on people's life, sometimes event leading to gambling addiction problems (consult gamblers anonymous if you feel you gave such dependence problems). Online poker is a nice pastime and he should only be that, not a negative habit that can ruin your life. Exert discipline with your poker bankroll when you play, and it is also a rule to be successful and profitable, discipline is one of the cornerstones of savvy gambling. If you let your emotions dictate your decisions instead of remaining rational and following the hand and the plan, this is when you start taking a tangent from the route to profits. From this standpoint, poker is a good school for life, as usually people who cannot control themselves well in important situations are the ones who have difficulties living a happy life. So we hope that Jonathan Duhamel will have a happy life with his nearly 9 million dollars in winnings. And there is no reason that he will not be happy, with all his money and fame. Good luck Jonathan. Some people say money does not bring happiness, but in the case of Jonathan, he really looks like a happy guy wherever you see him interviewed or playing at a live event. Young, slim, good looking and rich, he certainly looks like a happy fellow. Money is not everything, in fact something more important than money is health, and health is on his side. Indeed he is very healthy, does not drink much and does not do drugs. These things are bad for your poker game anyway. Poker is a psychological game, and you need to be in total control of your mind when you play. This is why it is key to pay attention to your fitness. Not just because it will help you keep focused, but also because you need to be in good physical shape to stand the continuous hours and days of play in major tournaments.